Thursday, July 24, 2008

Listerine Quick Dissolving White Strips

Working with brides as often as I do I tend to try products that I know brides may be interested in; so while my first review isn't totally cosmetic based it's one I really feel I should talk about.

I recently tried Listerine Dissolving white strips and I wish that I had all kinds of wonderful things to say about the product, but unfortunately I felt like I had really been let down my all the claims made in the advertising campaign.

From the moment I opened the the strips I found them difficult. They didn't easily remove from the packaging, they stretched when I tried to place them on my teeth, and almost as soon as I had placed the strips the dissolving action meant that they began turning into a gummy texture that stuck to the inside of my mouth making me very uncomfortable!!

The flavour was not the Listerine taste I know and love and I had to remove and brush my teeth before the strips even had a chance to completely dissolve.

I have used various white strips in the past and although they are never the most comfortable the new 5 min white strips from other companies are much more worth your while. I spend the 5 min on my hair or makeup and within days I saw a big improvement!!

My point of view is to save your money and buy the leading brand of white strips, they don't dissolve but they do work and are well worth the money!! Don't waste your money on claims that dissolving strips are better because from my point of view they are not!!

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