Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Beauty Junkie... Interrupted!

Am I still a beauty blogger??? The answer is yes, at heart I am! I am in love with all things beauty related and I still work as a makeup artist in my daily life.

Well then where I have I been? Well with my second child life became A LOT more hectic... Add to that working as a makeup artist and if that wasn't enough I launched another business.

I developed a line of all natural bath and body products called Little Bitty Bath Boutique. The business started small but has grown so quickly that it has kept me more then busy! I make all my products at home in small batches free from preservatives and fillers. Something that became important to me when my youngest child started to have skin issues such as eczema.

The line has grown from bath fizzies to soaps and body butters and massage bars have been added as well.

I would love to get back to blogging sometime soon. I have so many products that I love but haven't had time to share.

Until then you can always find me on Facebook sharing daily and if you like you can see my product line at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NOTD Needle Marbling

While taking part in my new obsession (Pinterest) I saw a pic of marbled nails. These nails weren't done using water but In a much cleaner way... Using a needle!

I have done it twice now and really like how easy it was! I had always loved the look of marbled nails but the water method was just too messy for me!

Do you like marbled nails??? Have you tried this method before??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Benefit's Sun Beam

If you have always loved Benefit's High Beam then there is something new you are going to want to see!

Benefit's Sun Beam is a golden bronze highlighter. Like a warm ray of light, giving you a natural, sunkissed radiance. Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek & brow bones for a bronzed glow that
complements all skintones. You can also mix it with your foundation for an all over glowing look!

I love the versatility of liquid products such as this!! You can use them in so many ways that it is like having multiple products in one little bottle!

If you are a Benefit junkie like me keep out eye's peeled for this products release this month!

Joe Fresh Cream Blushes

While holiday shopping this year I found myself checking out the Joe Fresh cosmetic section at my local Superstore! I have a love affair with this company for nice products at a very inexpensive price! I should do a shadow collection someday for you all to see... but that is not the focus for todays post!!

My most recent shopping trip created an interest in the Joe Fresh cream blushes... so I picked up 2! I decided on Apricot and Melon as I didn't have similar shades in my cream blush collection!

Apricot (left) Melon (right)

My thoughts on the product formulation itself... well for the price its a pretty good product! The product is very creamy... which translates into a little hard to apply with your fingers... it almost smears instead of blend. Especially when applied over a foundation. Applied with a brush however it goes on beautifully... even over a powder product!

Apricot (left) Melon (right)

Now to the colours themselves. Apricot is an almost neutral peachy shade which looks like a natural flush to the cheek when blended out! I have used both an apricot and pink powder blush over the top which created two very different yet very pretty results!!

Now to the Melon... which shocked me really! I wish I had gotten a picture before I used this blush because when I opened the package the product was very orange. Upon using the blush it turned almost a pink colour! The colour is very nice on the skin... but not what I had originally thought I was getting. Blended out you can still see the orange tint in the product but swatched it is very pink!

In this pic you can see the orange colour still remaining on the outer edge of the blush.

Overall I think the blushes are worth the $8 they cost! I can't attest to the colour quality of the other colours but I like the ones I have.. even if Melon isn't what I thought it was going to be!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Go to Look this Winter... Winged Liner

For years I loved detailed layered eyeshadow looks. When my second son arrived all of a sudden I felt I had lost myself because often I had no time for makeup before I went out the door. During the fall and heading into the winter months I finally found a way to get back to makeup in a time crunch and still feel like I was having fun with it! The answer was liquid liner!!!!

There are so many new liners on the market in amazing colours etc (reviews for some of my newest finds will be coming soon).

I can do my makeup in a pinch and still get to play with colour and feel polished when I go out the door!

I don't want to get stuck in a makeup rut... but for now this is a great way for me get back into a makeup routine!!