Monday, December 28, 2015

Hard Candy all matte up review

Trends have been taking us the route of matte these days for the lips. While liquid to matte long wear lipsticks are all the rage they are difficult to find in the drugstore. Also many people simply don't like the feel of liquid lipsticks but want a matte long wear option.

While shopping for the holidays I came across Hard Candy's all mate up lip stains. Now I have only been able to get 2 of the 4 shades available and I am very disappointed that I have been able to locate them because these are a total win for me.

The lippie retails for approx $5 cdn and comes in Earthy Marsala, Berry Matte, Mattely in Love and Venom. I have been able to get my hands on Venom and Earthly Marsala.

These products are a stain that leave a velvet finish but are said to hydrate as well as a balm. They use tropical butters to soften while powders blur lines in the lips making them look smooth not dry. The shape of the crayon allows you to skip a liner and fill. In your lips with ease.

I bought mine not expecting much but was really pleasantly surprised. They went on the lips with ease and had a beautiful finish. I went out for lunch and a movie where we had the usual cinema snacks and came home to to pleasantly find my lips still looked really defined and still full of colour.

If you see these and like the matte look you need to pick them up! You will be so happy you did!!! I am hoping to find the other shades in store soon!! I hope they expand this line to include some more shades in the coming months!!!

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celia said...

I just got one of these today and theyre so great, I was able to eat and drink and it still stayed on pretty well!