Sunday, December 27, 2015

Must have hair products

UI am asked all the time what my must have hair products are. I have coarse curly hair which I heat style and colour treat quite often. This means hair that is dry and prone to damage. If I don't care for my hair it tends to be a dry frizzy mess so over the years I have tried almost everything!!

In this post I am going to focus on products I use to pretreat and wash my hair. Later this week we will focus on products I use after my hair is washed to further treat and style my hair. Now I know that my treatments may be too heavy for some but if you have hair like mine you will know my battle!

At least once a week a treat my hair with coconut oil. I melt the oil and dip. My hair into it soaking it thuroughly. Often I will then massage oil into my roots as well. I cover my hair with a shower cap and then cover that with a beanie to seal in the heat my head gives off. depending on the time I have this will sit on my hair for between 2-24 hours. 

My fave shampoo is Garnier citrus mint. It really cleanses my hair without over stripping. I only need to wash my hair twice a week so I don't worry about overstripping. I the. Rinse and towel try my hair. Next is conditioning which again I take my time with since I don't need to wash my hair everyday. 

My fave conditioner is Loreal........ It really does an amazing job for me at softening without weighing down. Once every couple of weeks I also add a minimal amount of semi permanent purple colour to my conditioner to tone my blonde stands. This also fills the hair cuticle further softening my hair. Again I apply my conditioner and cover with a shower cap allowing it to sit for anywhere from 1-3 hours. I then rinse and I am ready for styling.

I also do protein treatments on my hair approx every six weeks. You can find a detailed post about that her on my blog.

Please check in later this week where I will detail the products I use when styling my hair to protect it from heat and keep it soft to the touch.

What are your fave products to use for washing and conditioning your hair?

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