Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Acrygel 6 week follow up

6 weeks ago I started a nail growth journey using acrygel. If you want to learn more about that system you can check out my previous post on the how to! 

My nails have always been soft and peeling. I could never grow my nails past the end of my finger without cracking and breaking. Even using the best strengtheners and being very careful with my nails. 

I had basically given up on having long natural nails and assumed every time I wanted long nails I would have to head to the nail salon. Then I heard about acrygel and how it could help you grow your natural nails with minimal damage to your natural nail. I decided to give at a try and 6 weeks later I am so glad I did!

This is a lot of work. Probably as much as acrylic but it is easy to do at home and has minimal steps. The only downside is if you like to change your nail colour a lot, as this gel is soakable and will be effected when removing polishes. I do get about 2 weeks before I need to redo my mani which I think is pretty good! I layer my polishes or file off the old when I want to change so as to lengthen my time in between gel sessions.

Overall if you want to grow your nails and are willing to put in an hours work every two weeks or so then this could be the perfect method for you! I can see myself sticking with this method for quite a while! When I decide to do short nails for a while I would take a break but I love this system both for the look and what it does for my nails in strength!

Would you try this system??

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