Thursday, December 31, 2015

Amazing False lashes for beginners... Adore trios

As a makeup artist one of the biggest questions I am asked is about false lashes. If they are easy to use, techniques in application etc. For me applying lashes is almost second nature but I know for many it can be daunting. When I discovered the Ardelle adore Trio lashes I knew I had found the lashes I would recommend to clients from now on.

These Lashes come in easy to apply trios and have varying length of medium and short. Often what makes applying lashes difficult is the length of a strip lash and how hard it can me to mood it to the eye. These lashes don't need to be molded and break the application up into easy steps.


For my eye it took 4 sets of trios to fill in my lashes. The create a very natural look much like individuals but are much easier to use if you are a beginner. As well much like strip lashes they can reused which is a big plus for many people.

If you have always wanted to try false lashes but were afraid to take the plunge I highly suggest trying the Ardell Trios. I found mine at Sally's beauty supply for under $5CDN. 

If you cannot find trios you can also cut strip lashes into manageable sections before application but the trios I feel is a no fuss option for beginners. 

Would these trios make you try lashes for the first time??

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