Friday, June 19, 2009

Gosh Cosmetics Review

I recently purchased a few items from Gosh cosmetics which is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. Overall this company has great colour selection as well as product selection for a drugstore brand. The three products that I am specifically going to focus on today is the cool jam lip gloss, eyeliner pen and effect pigment.

I purchased the cool jam lip gloss in the blue colour which is really promising to make your teeth look whiter and does not give your lips a blue look. I really liked this gloss but for those of you who do not like sticky glosses this isn't the one for you. The texture is very similar to MAC's gloss and for me though who has chronically dry lips I found this one to be really hydrating and I personally don't mind sticky glosses as I feel they stay longer on my lips. As for the blue colour making your teeth look whiter well I'm not sure but it doesn't hurt!

Next is eyeliner pen which I purchased in black star. It has a shimmery effect through the black which I found quite nice for certain looks but cannot replace completely pure black as an eyeliner. The applicator is a small brush which I found quite easy to control for application and much nicer then the sponge tip applicators that several drugstore brands are now using. The colour didn't flake or smear and overall I found it to be a great liquid liner.

Finally is the effect pigment which I tried in a variety of colours. This one I wasn't that impressed with. When applied alone they really didn't give a strong effect but more of a wash of colour. I also tried it with mixing medium but still found the pigment to be somewhat streaky and still a softer colour which I really don't think was intent considering the colour selection they carry. This one I wouldn't try again unless they reformulated the product as I just get a much better result from other brands.

Overall I think that Gosh does a lot of things right and I am looking forward to trying more of their products in the future.

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