Friday, July 31, 2009

Maybelline's Mineral Power Foundation Review

I recently reviewed Maybelline's Mineral Power concealer as one of my favorite concealers. At the time I touched on the foundations but decided I better include a more in-depth review so that you have a complete overview of this line (there are powder ad blush components to this line as well I may discuss at a later time).

Mineral Power consists of two types of foundation; a traditional powder foundation as well as mineral liquid foundation. I have personally tried both of these products and there is a clear winner in my books which I will get to soon. First we will discuss the liquid formulation.

This product is much like the concealer as it is not greasy or oily in anyway allowing it to blend very well into the skin. This product gives amazing coverage for how light it is, I would call the product a medium coverage foundation. The product comes in a very wide selection of shades which I found amazing, everyone was included when they formulated these shades. As well seeing as it is a mineral formulation it is great for problem skin (as it has no fillers) and works well from oil skin to dry. Many oily skinned girls know that liquid foundations can change colour (up to 2 shades) due to oxidation, this one does not have that problem!

Mineral Power's other offering is the traditional mineral powder formulation. Overall mineral powders are not my favorite as I feel they only work on skin that is pretty much flawless to begin with. They tend to exaggerate problems in the skin as well as any lines that may be present. That being said Mineral Power's is one of the best I have tried, I have worn it several times since I received the product and found it ok for light coverage. The one thing I do not like as with most mineral foundations is that it turns begins to give a white hue when it reacts with my oily skin. Again this is one of the better formulations I have tried and is great for young non problem skin but not my go-to product for sure.

So if you couldn't pick the winner in my books it is the liquid formulation. It is what I carry in my kit at the moment and I have it to be a great product on all ages and skin types I have encountered thus far!

Give Mineral Power a try if you are in the market for a new foundation!

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