Friday, August 14, 2009

Posh 5 Piece Travel Brush Set Review

This week on yet another shopping adventure, I picked up a set of mini brushes from a company called Posh. This set includes a foundation brush, powder brush and three double ended brushes that cover concealer to brows! This set retails for around $13 in stores, but is also available online.

I really didn't expect much from this inexpensive set but this little case contains all the right tools to keep you perfect on the go!

The powder and foundation brushes are not the most amazing brushes I have ever used but when on the go and you want a compact solution these two brushes fit the bill nicely. The shorter handles are slightly less comfortable to use but the fact that this set takes up such little room more then makes up for it.

The other brushes in this set are double ended really making this set an eight brush set. There is a smokey eye brush which is an angled fluffy brush and a dome brush. There is a concealer and perfection brush which has small synthetic brushes to aid in perfecting the skin. Finally there is an eyebrow and eyeliner brush containing and angled brush for the brows and a small synthetic brush perfect for gel liners.

I had to get ready before going to a fashion show yesterday and I created the whole look using the set I didn't feel like I was missing one thing!

If you travel and don't have space to take your normal brushes, this set is perfect! If you see it pick one up, or find them online!

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