Thursday, August 27, 2009

SPAritual Vegan Bath Products.. 1st in a Series

This is my first post on a series of products from SPAritual, a line of vegan hand, body and foot products sold mostly at salons ( but also available online ). I received a selections of samples from this line a an event I attended recently and have been exited to try them out. This week was been the perfect chance to try out a some of these products as I am trying to get my toes pretty for an upcoming wedding, a pedicure was in order and SPAritual was the star of the show.

I first added Look Inside 21 Mineral Organic Bath Salts to my water. The room filled with the smell of frankincense an I was ready to soak my tootsies! My usually tired feet started to feel relaxed almost immediately and after just a short soak my feel began to the most rested they had in a long time! After a long soak and a small filing I moved on to another great product.

Affirming Scrub Masque is another product in the line I just couldn't wait to try. This product contains Indonesian Ginger and is used to both scrub off damaged skin cells and then dry to further soften the skin. I rubbed this all over my feet and then let it dry for 5 minutes as instructed on the packaging. I then washed it off and allowed my feet to soak for a few minutes longer. 

After I was done I dried my feet applied my normal foot cream and put on my cotton socks for maximum penetration of the moisture. I am pleased to say the the scents of these products were not the only amazing feature, my feet are the softest they have been in a long time!! Feeling so relaxed was another pleasant side effect of these products which was amazing!

I have many more products to try in this line and I can't wait to move on to the next product as my first experience was been a great one!!

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