Monday, August 10, 2009

Rimmel Lasting FInish Intense Wear Lipstick Review

This week I found Rimmel lipsticks on sale for $4 so I couldn't help myself, I had to buy a few! I walked away with 3 shades, Airy Fairy, Birthday Suit and Azura. Two are a pink shade and the other is a nude... guess which one that is! lol These shades are from the Lasting Finish Intense Wear line, the only line of lipsticks that Rimmel currently sells here in Canada. 

I really like all three for various reasons. Airy Fairy is a very nice subtle yet bright pink shade that is really nice for wearing during the day time for a subtle punch of colour. Birthday Suit is a great nude shade, not too pink or brown. And Azura is a brighter pink, great for wearing with a natural eye or as a great kick to an evening look. These shades go on great, are really creamy and have great colour without being too opaque.

The negatives are the smell and the longevity. The smell is kind of strange, but can be covered by using a gloss or something over top. When it comes to longevity, seeing as the name was Lasting Finish I was hoping for something special. Well this one lasts about as long as all the others which isn't bad, but I had hoped for a little more considering the name.

Overall I really like these lipsticks, some great colours for a very small price-tag!

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