Monday, October 26, 2009

Lime Crime What's all the Controversy About?

Well in the last couple of day's I have heard a lot of talk about Lime Crime cosmetics. This is a brand owned my makeup artist and model Doe Deere. I did some searching on google and found 2 great blog posts that speak about Lime Crime and all reasons why there is so much controversy.  These blog posts are so well done that I thought I would just link you to these great articles so that you can read all about it. These two ladies have great insight into the Lime Crime situation and I highly suggest you subscribe while you are there!

I am not trying to say anything negative about this company, only share the info with all of you who are wondering what all the talk is about. I personally have never purchased from this company, but after reading all the info I probably won't bother. I always like to purchase from companies who have a passion for the product, which is something I don't sense after reading about the companies progression but you decide for yourself!!

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