Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Lipstick Shades for Valentines Day!

Valentine's day is just one of those times a year where you want to look your best for that special someone! Lipstick can send out the signal that you are ready for romance!

Lipstick was first used to make women look more fertile and therefore attractive to the male of our species. When women are fertile or aroused their lips become flushed, which is what the first lipsticks were meant to mimic.

We have moved on since those days venturing into colours that really just mean we like to play with colour. With nude the look that many women want today it totally goes again the original purpose for adding colour to the lips!

Here are a few of my favourite lippies, great for completing that Valentines look! There is something for you here, whether you want to use a romantic red or a coy nude!

Besame Cosmetics in either Cherry Red, or Merlot.

MAC Russian Red

Gosh Darling

MAC Myth

My favorite gloss is Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in either Sheer Blush or Sheer Pink!

What colour are you planning on wearing this Valentines Day??

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