Monday, March 1, 2010

Cover FX 10th Anniversary and 1st Blogger Event

 Lee Graff working on a model with rosacea
photo credit to Jenn from spiced beauty

Last Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to be a part of the 1st Cover FX blogger event in celebration of the companies 10th anniversary! I was so excited as founders Lee Graff and Jenny Frankel were at the event. Learning about a product line from the women who created it was a very special as the passion for their product was so evident as they spoke!

Wanda Longo working on Jenny Frankel
photo credit to Jenn from spiced beauty

I was so intrigued as Cover FX was born for use in Lee Graff's CosMedic Clinic At Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, helping those with skin conditions such as birthmarks, burns etc to cover the flaws that made them feel uncountable in their daily lives. Cover FX became available to the general public pretty much by accident when the clinic was temporarily moved to a Shoppers Drug Mart location during the time when hospitals were limiting access to many non critical patients. Women wanted to learn more as they watched Lee meet with her patients and saw the transformations take place. Lee and Jenny then knew that Cover FX was something that could help all women feel more confident!

photo credit to Farah from faces by farah

I just felt that a company that was created to deal with the severest of skin conditions as well as the most sensitive of skins was something that you just don't see in the marketplace. This company is all about creating confidence in women and all of the products were full of treatment qualities as well which I thought was amazing.

Did you know Cover FX can also cover Tattoos? There were wings on both wrists
photo credit to Jenn from spiced beauty

We had a chance to learn more about all of the products in the line and even got a chance to play with the products ourselves. There were also some wonderful demonstrations of what Cover FX could do! We were also lucky enough to receive the Big Cover Up Kit to take home with us so stay tuned for my complete review coming soon!!

I also want to thank my fellow bloggers Jenn (Spiced Beauty) and Farah (Faces By Farah) who saved the day by providing me with pics that they had taken as my camera had some technical difficulties! Please visit these lovely ladies as their blogs are among those I visit daily!

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