Monday, May 3, 2010

The Brush Guard... A Review and A Giveaway! (closed)

The Brush Guard is something that I have wanted to learn more about for a while now. I had seen them mentioned by a few YouTube guru's and really wanted to learn more about them. I contacted the company and they kindly offered to send me their assorted package for me to try. I couldn't wait for them to arrive and started testing them out right away.

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:
While drying—bristles dry in perfect shape
In use—handle stays clean and grips better
In storage—no snags or squashing
On the move—perfect packing

I have been using them for several weeks now and I did have to make some changes to the way I cleanse my brushes to really maximize what the brush guard can do. I used to leave my brushes pretty wet when I washed them so as not to damage the ends of the hairs drying them on a cloth. This meant that it took FOREVER for the Brush Guard to do it's job as the guard does limit the air that can reach the bush somewhat due to standing them upright in a glass.

 I now cleanse my brushes and VERY GENTLY swirl my bushes on a dry paper towel to remove access water before a place my brush guard on and put my brush upside down in a glass to dry. This really did make a difference to the drying time, and although it still takes longer for my brushes to dry it really is worth it.

My brushes now always dry in the perfect shape, and leaving the brush guard on after drying also helps to keep my brushes dust free until I use them. I also love using them when I travel. Many times I only want to take a few brushes and don't want to pack a brush roll. The brush guard allows me to take the brushes I want, through them in my makeup bag and know that my brushes will look perfect when I take them out to use.

Want a chance to win a variety pack of the Brush Guard to try for yourself?? Residents of the Canada and the US will have a chance by leaving a comment below telling my why you would like to try the Brush Guard for yourself! You must be a follower of my blog for a chance to win and this contest will close on May 10th at midnight EST. Winner will be chosen by

*Winner has been contacted and has 1 week to respond! Congrats Jill-O


helen said...

I would like to win the brush guard because it looks like a really neat product to try and I would love to prolong the use of my brushes.


Katrina said...

I would like to try brush guard cause I think it'S a pretty neat idea! I'm always looking for a innovative way to dry my brushes while keeping their shape... this looks like it works pretty well.

Jill Oliver-Fox said...

I always have issues getting my larger facial brushes to dry in the right shapes. I like to let them dry facing down, and this would be perfect.

Meeka said...

I would love to try these. I've heard a lot about them and I think they are a great idea for keeping your brushes in shape :)

crazymakeupgirl said...

i would really like to win the brush guard because it looks like a good way to dry your brushes!



nucleii said...

I'm still slowly improving my makeup stash and have not have any good brushes. This brush guard would encourage me to buy the good quality brushes that I'm afraid to buy because of taking care of them.