Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Miley Going the Way of Britney Spears??

Recently Miley Cyrus has made changes to her look. She has cut her hair and taken on a much more 'mature' image. Now I know this girl is growing up and cannot stay Hannah forever but extremes are just too much. One day she is Hannah the next she is kissing girls on stage and dressing much like more provocative then we are used to.

This is similar to the change that Britney Spears made and I must say when I saw the pics that was the first person I thought of.


Miley has always seemed to have a pretty good head on her shoulders so lets hope she can make this transition into child star to adult star without incident or too much drama!

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Anonymous said...

Well, what idols is there that isn't like that? If there were different role models presenting itself, then Miley would have more choices of how to become, but there isn't and so we already know what road she will take. It was a matter of time.