Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cargo Triple Action Mascara

I was so excited when got a package in the mail from Cargo that I wasn't expecting! Upon opening it I found a little black tube containing Cargo's newest and yet unreleased mascara! I am a sucker for all things Cargo and all things mascara so I was doubly excited to receive this product!

This mascara claims to curl lengthen and thicken which are all things that I love in a mascara but I was skeptical as to if it could hold up to the claims!! Well I am more then happy to say that this mascara has made into my favourites list!

The mascara has a moulded brush, which actually don't tend to be my favourites but this one was different. It was soft and didn't poke unlike many other brands that use this newest style wand. The formula really does thicken and the brush is what I really felt help to hold the curl in the lashes when applying! I really did see lengthening as well as even though the product thicken's it does it evenly allowing each coat to add length without clumping!

Additional things you need to know about this mascara;
  • A revolutionary, flexible film coats, extends and curls, for longer, thicker and fuller-looking lashes
  • A moisture retention barrier locks in essential vitamins and conditioners that promote healthy lashes
  • A fixing film creates a long-lasting, rub-resistant barrier that won’t smudge
  • Jet black pigment makes lashes look visibly defined
  • Free of parabens, alcohol and fragrance
  • Made in Canada
  • Available in the Fall
This mascara has an amino acid and humectant blend – Humectants and amino acids are found naturally in hair follicles. Triple Threat Mascara provides an additional 11 amino acids and PCA (a humectant) which interact with hair to condition and fortify lashes.

I really thought this mascara was a great one for the all around one step category. There is no need for different mascara's and it is all in one step as opposed to those that have a primer etc. I can't wait until this one hits the shelves and you all get a chance to try it out!!

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