Monday, November 8, 2010

Annabelle® Winter 2010 Colour Collection... Insomnia

New! - Annabelle ® Multi-Dome Eyeshadow. Discover the world behind the shadows with these three promotional palettes: Insomnia, Midnight or Disturbia. Each of these palettes contain four iridescent eyeshadows in this season’s must-have shades: electric blue, coal black, luminous silver or powdery pastels!

New! - Annabelle ® Dome Face Powder. Try this luminescent face powder and be the queen of the night! Stand out by mixing the matte and the shimmering textures to highlight cheekbones and jaw line.

New shades – Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner. One of Anabelle's star products is now available in two jeweled shades: Dark Angel and Night Light. Add glitter and glam to your gaze!

New shade – Rouge Velours Lipstick in Hypnotic. Balance your dark eyes with this soft nude shade of lipstick. Pure colour that feels like velvet.

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Cristina from said...

Oh wow! These sound hot! Thanks for heads up ;)