Friday, November 19, 2010

Ellis Faas Holiday Collection

Winter Glow

For the 2010 holiday season, Ellis has selected a gift set of three, best-selling products that can
be combined to create a beautiful and festive look: Creamy Lips “Ellis Red” L101, Ellis Eyes Light
E305 and black mascara E401. These three products together can be used to create either a
dramatic party look or a more subtle every day look.

Red Velvet

This über-chic makeup holder, developed exclusively for holiday 2010, confines and carries
all your colour cosmetic essentials in one portable place. Modeled after Ellis Faas’ classic,
innovatively designed container, the Red Velvet Limited-Edition Holder is custom crafted of high
polished aluminium and velvet flocked. The flocking process adheres vibrant colour and warm
texture to this brilliantly designed carry all, inspired by the wall décor in Ellis’ family library,
modernized by the influence of universal tribal design.

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