Thursday, December 3, 2015

Micropedi... Put this on your Christmas list

I know this thing has been out quite a while... But I feel it doesn't get the attention it deserves. The micropedi a battery operated foot file that retails for around $50 Canadian. I got mine at Costco last year for around $35 but I would have paid the $50 knowing how amazing it is. I received mine last Christmas and after using it I realized it was my fave gift!

This little gem unlike many other battery operated files is not underpowered. It can soften the toughest callous without issue and with minimal noise considering what it's doing! Mine came with several files but you can also buy replacement ones.

I don't do pedicures and often found I didn't have time to soak my feet and file them. This file doesn't need your feet to be soaked and I can to the work of an at home pedicure in minutes instead of an hour!

This device is approved by the diabetic association for its gentle yet effective nature.

If you love to care for your feet at home yet don't have the time for complete home pedicures this is definitely the device to add to your list this year!!

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