Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Need that Pimple gone yesterday??

So recently I had a breakout only a day before I was to go away for the weekend! All I could think was that I wanted the nastiness gone now!!!

Just like any of you would I googled 'pimple gone today' and searched. What I found was a combination of techniques that really did significantly decreased my breakout so I could easily cover them with a powder foundation while away!!!

Now this technique is not how you would treat normal breakouts as it is very harsh for the skin in general!!! It is only for emergency situations!!!

What you will need; hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cortozone cream, salysilic acid and something to apply either cotton swab or cotton pad.

Now you will start by appling peroxide to the blemish with a swab until you feel a bubbling sensation. Often the spot will whiten as well and this is normal. Next you use a new swab to apply alcohol (this will sting). It will also dry out the spot quickly! Finally you mix equal parts cortozone and salysilic acid and apply that to the breakout.

Do this process a couple of time during the day (morning and night for example) and the next day you will see a dramatic decrease in your blemishes size! If you find it red (mine was not) use a little visine to get the red out!!

I wish I had taken pics but I had no idea that this would work so well.

What are your tips for getting red of acne fast???

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