Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colossal Volum' Mascara now in Waterproof

Just a little update for anyone who loves Colossal Volum' just as much as I do!! I just saw the waterproof version in store today which makes me very happy. My clients have been asking my why Colossal Volum' isn't in my kit when I talk about how much I love it. The answer was a only carry waterproof in my kit so it wasn't an option!

Well that has now changed. I am waiting for the Walmart in my area to carry it as I hate paying $3 more at a drug store for the same product, but it will be buying it very soon! I do not suggest wearing waterproof everyday as it is drying but for all you ladies who like to wear waterproof on special occasions etc.

I have read one review for the waterproof version (which was all I could find) and they didn't like the waterproof version as well as the washable. As with everything though everyone has their own opinion and I am hoping that Maybelline will not let me down with this one.

I'll give you all an update once I get a chance to try it out!!

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