Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orly Nail Treatments!!

So until this year the only time I put on nail polish was special occasions. I think it's because my nails and cuticles have always been something I hated. My nails peel and crack and my cuticles are dry and split etc. Now for some reason my nails have become an obsession. I have done posts in the past about my favorite top coat and polish and now I am going to to tell you a little about my favorite base coat. As well I am going to tell you what is on my nails when I want a break from polish.

My favorite base coat is Orly's nail armor is a treatment but I use it a base coat. I really don't find it makes my nails more healthy but it does make them stronger while I am wearing it and as well fills in all imperfections in the nail and gives something for my polish to really adhere to. It has silk fibers in it which over lay to create a harder nail surface. This is the best base coat I have ever tried and I have used a lot in the past year!!

When I remove my polish and don't want to reapply right away I always put on a layer of Orly's Touch Cookie treatment. It is something to keep my nails protected takes no time to dry and leaves my nails looking manicured without any effort. If I forget this step I always find that my nails start to chip and peel right away and I end up having to file them down and start again!! Not what I want to be doing!!

So I hope these reviews are a help. Today I am starting a new experiment which I will tell you about soon. I want to work with some cuticle oils as this is part of my hands that I am still not happy with! So stay tuned for that!!

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