Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garnier Product I Wouldn't Be Without!!

I have curly hair and have tried many of the products on the market. When working for Garnier earlier this year it was suggested that I try the anti frizz serum from the sleek and shine collection. I LOVE this product as it makes my hair much easier to manage whether I style m hair straight or leave it natural. Even in the humid weather my hair doesn't fight me as it has in the past. It is even gentle enough for me to use throughout the day as a touch up on my dry hair.

This product doesn't weigh my hair down mike many other sleeking products on the market so if you have dry hair and don't wash it every day you don't have to worry about greasy or lifeless hair on day 2.

I have spoken to several women with different textures of hair that love this product so it's not just for us curly haired gals!

The price point is even better often being on rollback at a certain big "W" for around $3! The bottle isn't as big as some others but is very comparable when you consider the price. Saying that some salon brands or more then four times the price for a smaller amount of product

If you ever have unruly hair, especially in the humid summer give this one a try! At $3 if you don't like it you haven't broken the bank!!

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