Friday, June 26, 2009

Classic Pinup Inspired Look

Yesterday I watched some amazing video's on retro hairstyles. I found a youtube channel that explains these styles in amazing detail and clarity! I found myself riveted even though I don't have nearly enough hair for man of the styles.

I found them so great for beauty and bridal looks and it inspired me to re visit looks that I haven't done in a while because of experimenting with more vibrant colours recently. The look pictured to the left was inspired by the bandana "50's pinup" look of one of the tutorials that I watched.

The look is similar to that of a recent youtube video that I did based on the move cry baby, but with a much more classic and Audrey Hepburn twist. The brows are much fuller, the lashes much thicker and the liner itself is less winged and fuller. I really like this classic look and think it is so timeless. It could still be used as a bridal look with much success and stares from amazed wedding attendee's who cannot believe how stunning the bride is.

I may do a tutorial for this look soon as I am thinking about a beauty from the past series after being inspired by the video's yesterday!! Stay tuned!!!

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