Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mascara's You Should Leave at the Store

I am always on the search for a better mascara which I am sure is something that can be said for most makeup wearers! Mascara is a personal choice and it seems that what works for one just doesn't work for someone else. I am reviewing some of my resent buys that I personally feel you should leave in the store. Some people feel the same and others just don't agree as you can see by reviews on makeup alley.

The first is Maybelline's Stiletto mascara, a brand I usually feel do mascara's well but personally I feel like they didn't get this one right. It took several and I mean 4-5 coats to get the look I usually want. By then my lashes didn't look longer but actually made them loose curl and stand straight out. The brush is great for getting at those little lashes in the corner, but the formulation leaves a lot to be desired as instead of a 'patent finish' as advertised it started to flake within a few hours. There is also an odour that comes from ingredients to nourish the lashes but can cause sensitive eye's to water.

Second is Lash Blast from Covergirl, I had to try it as the advertising just can't be ignored! The formulation is ok, nothing special but doesn't clump that badly and doesn't run. My biggest problem was the bohemith brush which cannot get into corners and when you try to get into the lash line really easily smudges onto the eye lid itself. I just found it too hard to work with and wasn't woth the effort when the formulation of the mascara itself was nothing special.

Thirdly is another Maybelline mascara; Define a lash. I had high hopes for this one and again as with Covergirls offering there was nothing wrong with the formulation itself. My problem again was the brush, it was so flimsy that then you tried to apply it to the lashes the wand would bend and you could not work the product into the lashes. Several companies do great lenthening mascara's with the new elastomer (rubber type) brush. Loreal's Telescopic is my favorite drug store brand giving clump free application that still gives firmness in the wand for proper application. Maybelline just didn't quite get this one right.

So these are the three in the past couple months that I would leave in the store. Soon I will be reviewing my favorites so stay tuned for that!

If you have any products that you would like to see reviewed please send me a message or include in the comment section and I may include it soon.

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