Monday, June 8, 2009

Smokey Eye Tutorial

I often get asked about creating a smokey eye. There are various way's to do it using almost every colour imaginable. For this look I used classic grays using the simplest techniques.

I first primed the entire eye using Urban Decay's primer potion. I then started my using a small shader brush and applied a light silver colour to the inner corner of the eye. The followed by blending a medium gray colour into the edge of the silver and over to the outer third of the eye. I then took a dark gray and put it into the outer third of the eye. I then took my black shadow and a small dome brush and created a v shape in the outer corner and into the crease. I then went back in with my medium gray colour and a larger shading brush and diffused the black to create the softer smokey look. I then used a highlighter in the inner corner and at the brow bone and brought my black into the lower lash line to create drama. A pair of false lashes and lots of mascara and voila a simple smokey eye. Feel free to use various themes to create your look...browns, greens any colour can be used in a smokey eye!

Have fun!!

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