Tuesday, July 7, 2009

EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set

I've been wanting to do this review for a while now but it seems that other reviews etc keep coming first. EcoTools is a earth friendly beauty company who's products are sold mostly in Walmart in Canada but can be found at other retailers from time to time. I have tried a few of their makeup brushes in the past and loved them so I  decided to try the 5 piece (one piece bring the carry bag) brush set after being asked to review them by a reader.

Now as I said before I love the quality of these brushes and I will try to do a review of those brushes soon, but I wasn't as impressed with this set as I had hoped. This one is marketed as a travel set so this is why the handle's are shorter then the other brushes EcoTools do. I still like the quality of the brushes but the one's that were included leave a lot to be desired!

First if all this set is described as being best for mineral makeup and I did use them with minerals as well as other makeup. I found that two of the brushes are much the same except for handle length. In the pic they look a little different but in person and when using them they so exactly the same thing so I found two a little redundant. The other two brushes included in this set are actually quite nice. The puffy dome brush is great for blending and giving washes of colour and the 'concealer brush' as they call it I actually love to use to apply bases to my lid.

This set was under $14 which is really a great deal for 4 brushes. All of EcoTools products have excellent pricing starting at under $4 or a brush. These quotes are based on the big W's pricing; these brushes retail much higher at some other stores.

Overall I think I would buy some of these brushes separately but not as a set. Again I didn't feel the need for two brushes that were much the same or the bag being considered one of the items include. For the price though you really can't loose, all of EcoTools brushes have excellent prices especially for the quality you get.

Take a look next time you are in the makeup section take a look at EcoTools.

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