Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FOTD Yellow and Purple Eye's

I've done this look a few time's now and never seem to have a camera but today I finally got a couple of shots. I love this look for the summer time and I think purple is always great on the eye, no matter your eye colour or skin tone.

I started this look using a gold shadow and overlaying yellow pigment. The crease is a few shades of purple to add dimension. All of the shadows I used are NYX an I love the shades available! I know I've said it before but if you can get some of these shadows you really can't go wrong with NYX.

I finished with a dense pair of lashes to add some drama but you can skip that step if you want to use this as a day look.

I really wish my camera had picked up the colour a little better as in person this look is quite vibrant!

I may do this one as a full tutorial in the future if you would like to see it!

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