Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rimmel Stir It Up Product Review

I just saw this product on promotion while out shopping and it reminded me how much I do not like  it. So I decided to come home and write a review so I can stop everyone who is thinking of trying this product from doing so!

Stir It Up is a cream shadow from Rimmel with a splattering of powder shadow on top (totally pointless in my opinion as it is gone after the first 2 or 3 uses).  I'm glad that I never actually bought this shadow, it was given to me while doing some work for Rimmel.

In my first attempt to wear it I tried it on it's own as a wash of colour on my lid. It does go on very smoothly with almost a silicone type texture, and gives a nice shimmer with a metallic type of sheen. After about 5 min the shadow was already creasing terribly to the point that it would not be smoothed back over the lid and only wiped off when I tried to fix the mess it had become.

My second attempt at saving this already free to me product was to use it as a base for other shadows. I had high hopes for this use but again I was disappointed. I created this awesome purple look and as I really do love the colour of the Stir It Up I really liked what it did for this look. After only an hour the whole look started falling apart creasing badly and almost melting off the eye. I only wish I had a picture to show you what happened. I am so glad it was a test and I wasn't actually wearing this look out!

This product is a total waste and it is a shame because they had the colours so right but not texture and staying power. As well I feel that the spackle of colour over the top looks so nice and it is such a disappointment when you realize that it is only a surface decoration not really a part of the shadow.

Save your money on this one, if you want a great and inexpensive shadow base use NYX jumbo eye pencil!


Gloss Photography said...

wow Thanks for letting us know! I saw it and thought about buying it... but didn't lol.

The Makeup Artist

NancyPower said...

@Gloss problem! So nice to meet another makeup artist who share's such a lovely name! LOL