Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FOTD Warm Brown Yellow and Red Look

I was inspired to create this look after seeing a video on youtube from Stacey Brennan with a licorice inspired entry to a contest. I loved the look of the brown and mustard yellow, so I decided to create a day look based on her idea and add a little red into the simply because I liked the combination.

I used a red colour from Red Earth in the upper part of the crease sing a fluffy dome brush. I then used a warm brown from Annabelle using a small dome brush and placed that right in the deepest part of the crease. I then added the mustard yellow colour this one was fro Red Earth as well and placed that all over the lid. I took a very deep brown and added this to the outer "v" of my eye to add even more depth. I finished my lining the eye, adding my highlight etc.

I really like this look, it's bold, yet still subtle enough to wear during the day. There is so much inspiration out there to create amazing looks. If you see something you would like see me put into a look send it to me and I will se what I can do.

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Jennifer said...

it looks amazing nancy, i love it !!!!! could it possibly be a look for my wedding or would it be too much??
It is my fav one so far !

keep up the great work!

NancyPower said...

You can be as dramatic as you want to be on your wedding day! You want things to blend with your theme so if reds and yellows don't then I may avoid this look. If the colours do work then I say go for it!!