Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Red Earth Absolute Brows Review

I have tried several Red Earth products in the past and loved the quality so when I saw their brow powder for 75% off I just had to give it a try. I never stray far from my Elizabeth Arden brow powder even though it is over $30 I have not been without out it for years. Well I can't believe I am saying this but I have a new brow powder and it is Red Earths absolute brows!!

This powder comes in a compact with 2 colours as well as a setting wax. My brows are blond so this one consisted of a very light blond and a medium blond, great for creating natural looking brows. The wax is a deep blond but really I don't tend to use the wax much unless my brows are being unruly that day. It also comes with a mini mascara wand, angled brush and the tiniest tweezers I have ever seen. They work quite well even with their small size and while a little hard to work with I would use them when away from home instead of taking my larger tweezers.

The sad part is that the reason I got such a great deal is that Red Earth has decided not to carry their products in North America anymore, although the clearance sales have been nice to take advantage of. This company is Australian and you will still be able to order these products online at http://www.redearth.com which I will be doing once my brow powder starts running low. 

I think I may go and try to stock up on other products while a can at this great price so I can try out some more of these products. Run out while you still can and buy some Red Earth products while you can!

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