Monday, July 20, 2009

I Tried at Home Threading for the First Time!

I recently watched a video about threading at home. For those of you who have not yet heard of this, threading is a hair removal technique using a cotton thread that has been twisted and pulled back and forth.

Although I have very little facial hair, I decided to give this technique a try as I have always been very curious about this method of hair removal. Again I must say that seeing that I do not have much unwanted hair I have never had a need for waxing, so my only experience with removal is tweezing and therefore my pain tolerance for hair removal may be different from yours! lol

I first tried removing the blond hairs around my upper lip. I felt this was a wonderful way to remove this hair without redness as well as other side effects from waxing. I must say I wasn't prepared for how uncomfortable this was going to be, I wouldn't do this often only when I would have close up pictures taken as I really didn't enjoy the feeling. I do know that the pain was probably comparable to waxing as many people I know have this done and their experience seems to be similar.

Next I worked on my eyebrows, which are an obsession of mine to say the least. This time I didn't feel as much discomfort, I'm not sure if this was because my brows are numb from years of tweezing, or that I was perfecting my technique a little more after working on my lip. I did feel however this technique was not as precise as I would like for the brow area. I know that people who thread on others professionally can be quite precise and I have seen some wonderful work. This at home technique however seems a little harder to work with on this area. I did like the way it would remove those little blond hairs on the brow area that tweezers often don't like to remove. It also does this quite quickly compared with tweezing techniques.

Overall I really thought that the home threading technique was great. If you are someone who needs to remove facial hair this is a great alternative to waxing and gives the same great results. 

I have added a link to the youtube video below so please check it out. Bubzbeauty has a great selection of video's for you to check out!

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