Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer

I just purchased Kat Von D's tattoo concealer at Sephora after reading some online reviews. This is the second product I have tried from the Kat Von D line, I purchased a set of lip glosses a few months back to give them a try. I may do a review on those later but for now on to the concealer review!

This product comes in a squeeze but which I absolutely love for ease of use and as well for hygienic reasons! It's size is about that of most concealers on the market so price wise this makes it a little easier to compare as for price etc.

The price of this concealer $35 CAD after taxes which makes it very much comparable to the other luxury brands on the market when it comes to pricing. It wasn't extravagantly priced, especially when you consider how much product you need per use. A little goes along way with this one which is what I will tell you about next.

This product as the name states is meant to among other things be able to cover tattoo's so I was expecting exceptional coverage and I wasn't disappointed. When it comes to facial skin imperfections this one is tops! It covers all discoloration using minimal product so that it maintained a natural skin finish. When it comes to covering tattoo's it does a wonderful job with coloured parts of tattoo's, I did find however what with black portions of tattoo's it did not want to give flawless coverage, especially when you want to maintain a natural skin look. Black portions are left much lighter but with a gray cast, unless you want to cover a large portion so as to be able to blend it out properly. This would work great for smaller coloured tattoo's though in my opinion.

The consistency of the product is quite heavy compared to other concealers but I was impressed the how smoothly it went on and without being greasy. The colour selection is a bit limited however with only 3 shades to choose from. When taking into account that in normal circumstances you want your concealer to be a shade or two lighter then your skin tone Kat Von D's offering is quite dark in it's available shades. Again this is because the marketing is intended for tattoo covering so the shades were formulated to match the skin on the body much more like foundation shades.

Overall I really liked this product. When you need maximum coverage this one is a great idea as long as your skin tone is not too light on the scale. Make sure you test this one before buying it as many of you mediums could possibly need a light in this particular product!

I look forward to trying some other products in this line in the future!

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