Thursday, July 2, 2009

Illamasqua Myth and Legend Contest Entry #2

For my second look for the Illamasqua contest I decided to do for a wood nymph look. I like these little creatures because they are usually pictured as young women with a lot of powers Here is what I learned when studying nymphs.

The NYMPHS are female spirits of nature, who though living many years are nevertheless bound to die; some talk however as if they were immortal. 

The NYMPHS could be aggresive in their love as it is proved by the abduction of Hylas, or by the killing of Hymnus . They had the divine power of changing the shape of things, and some women were transformed into nymphs by the NYMPHS themselves.

The NYMPHS were often the nurses of the gods. Such are the cases of Zeus and Dionysus  among others.

Although, like angels, they are spiritual beings somewhat below Godly status, the NYMPHS are not immortal. They just live for a very long time. A Tree Nymph lives as long as her tree, and a River Nymph likewise. 

Although some are the daughters of specific Gods, most of the NYMPHS have no easily defined parentage. They mostly seem to be young human ladies who have fallen into rivers or been accidentally slain by passing heroes. The Gods don't like all that beauty going to waste.

The look


Relvon Colorstay Foundation

NYX shadow


NYX shadow

Annabelle Shadow

Ardelle lashes

Faces pigments

Pure Anada mineral shadow


Gosh lip gloss

Faces pigment

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