Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOTD-Rimmel's Green with Envy

I've been wanting this shade for a while now but for some reason just kept putting back on the shelf every-time I was in the store. Well I finally picked it up as they were on sale for $2.50 at the big W the other day when I stopped in. 

This shade is great the name says green but certain lights it is more of a turquoise colour. I apologize for the picture but for some reason my camera just didn't want to take this one. I also did a gold glitter polish over the top today and love the way it looks, I would have taken a pic but I don't have the camera with me today. Rimmel does some great shades and for the price you real can't go wrong. The staying power isn't that of some other brands but I find 3 days is usually the max I go with any given polish anyway so I really didn't see a lot of signs of wear.

 I'm going to try to do more polish reviews as I get a lot of emails about what I like so stay tuned for these from time to time.

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