Monday, June 29, 2009

Illamasqua Myth and Legend Contest Entry

For my first entry for Mizzworthy's Illamasqua myth and legend contest I decided to create a fairy look. I have always loved pictures of fairies and until researching this contest knew nothing about the mythology behind the creatures. Here is a little background on fairies and I will give you a break down of the products I used that the end.

The fairy, as in the specific creature, was said to have originated in Italy, where they were known as 'Fatae', stemming from the Latin 'Fata' (roughly 'Fate'). They then traveled to France where their name was corrupted to 'fees' and then to Britain where they were known as 'fays', which the countryfolk eventually changed into 'faeries'. Other ways to reference the faerie include the Little People, the Green Men, the Good Folk and the Lordly Ones.

Fairies are mythical creatures that are small and are winged. They have powers that connect to nature and that are powerful enough to seduce humans and trap them. Fairies also bring good luck, unlike pixies that are considered the joking and harmful kin to fairies. Fairies also can be very helpful.

Although in modern culture they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged, females of small stature, they originally were of a much different image: tall, angelic beings and short, wizened trolls being some of the commonly mentioned fay. The small, gauzy-winged fairies that are commonly depicted today did not appear until the 1800s.

All that being said here is what I came up with according to how I have always pictures fairies.

Products used:


Revlon Colorstay foundation

Maybelline Mineral Power blush


NYX eyeshadows

Revlon gel liner

Elizabeth Arden brow powder

Faces sparkle/pigments

Maybelline Colossal mascara

Ardelle lashes


Lancome gloss

Faces sparkle/pigments


NancyPower said...

Wow for some reason my pics got really washed out! I'm going to post something on youtube so look out for that so you can see the colours much more clear then how they appear here!

mizzworthy said...

This is fab - so pretty and ethereal, but with a hint of mischief! Thanks so much for the entry - please feel free to do more!

NancyPower said...

@mizzworthy-thanks so much! I love getting a chance to play like this. I have experimented with the fairy look a couple of times but I think this is my best one yet!

Sherry said...

you look great :) love the colors. :)

NancyPower said...

Thanks Sherry! :)

132ndstreet said...

absolutely amazing! kudos to you :)

Megan said...

lol, did you get some inspiration from Risa?? :P

looks lovely.

NancyPower said...

@Megan- actually I didn't see her pic until after I created the look and someone mentioned it to me. I do see the similarities, her look is darker and I really love it.

I guess great minds think alike!!