Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Bang for Your Buck...Drugstore Products that Work Like Department Store Brands

I am always asked what drugstore products are comparable to our favorite department store brands such as MAC Makeup Forever etc. well I do have a few favorites that I use in my kit everyday and clients can never tell the difference between these products and my more expensive department store brands. We all love those brands that come out with the shades first but sometimes we become blinded by the name and forget that there are other wonderful brands out there.

Well here is my list of products that I feel drugstore brands do very well;

NYX Shadows-Great colour payoff, great selection of matte and shimmer shades. You can't loose with either their singles or trio's for under $10.

L'Oreal Hip Shadows-These are duo's that come in complimentary shades so even the novice can use them. Colour payoff is really god with these shadows as well. Duo's sell for under $8.

L'Oreal Voluminus Mascara-Great mascara for building volume without looking too heavy. Comes in both waterproof and washable varieties. This one sells at most stores for under $6 but beware the newer formula dries out quicker then it did in the past.

Maybelline Colosal Mascara-This one is m new favorite giving amazing volume with no clumps. They have just added a new waterproof formulation to the lineup. Please see my full review of this one for complete info. Sells for around $6.

NYX Jumbo Pencils-This works as a great base for create intense looks that won't fade of crease over the course of the day. There is an amazing colour selection and this one sells for under $5.

Rimmel Bronzer-My favorite drug store bronzer! This one does not give an orange hue and comes in shades to flatter everyone. Again I have reviewed this product in detail in the past so check out the archives for complete info. This one you can often find for around $5 an amazing deal.

This just scratches the surface of what drugstores have to offer. Comment and tell me what your favorite 'bang for your buck' product is. Don't keep it a secret share it with the world!!

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