Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nice and Easy VS Nutrisse

Ok I'll admit it my blonde isn't exactly natural, well I guess it is compared to the bright reds I used to colour my hair but I digress! I have been a bottle blonde for about 2 1/2 years now, and I think I've finally gotten the hang of how to get the natural red tones out of my hair to leave it a nice beige blonde. The purpose of this post is to compare my fave companies for blonde colours, Nice and Easy by Clairol and Nutrisse by Garnier. If some of you want to know my faves for red let me know and I may do a post on that at a future time.

I'll start with Nice and Easy, probably my absolute favorite due so it's multi tonal colouring. This means that it gives dimension, especially if you have any gray! I love the way Clairol gives you directions on the box about what warm and cool means etc. It really helps if you are a beginner in making better colour choices! My colour is light ash blonde, it takes away from the red tones in my hair (which personally I don't like seeing when I am blonde) and leaves me with a great cool colour! (I'm thinking of adding orange to my hair soon so back will be the red...I'll save that for a later post!! LOL)

Nutrisse came out with a new line of blondes this year which is when I started using them. Before this I really didn't like their selection, now the colour white chocolate is one of my go to's! They also have a selection of bleaches with varying strength and a new highlighting kit as part of the collection. This line is great when you really want your hair to be more of a solid colour with little highlights! I use this one now and then instead of my Nice and Easy when I feel my colour is a little uneven or just to change up the tones in my hair. Now I do find these colours turn yellow a little quicker then Clairol but it's nothing a great purple shampoo can't fix!

Well those are my two favorites! Nice and Easy is the one I use most, but Garnier's offering is one of the better and gentle on the hair products that I have seen added to the market in a while! Hair colour is always a process and when going blonde sometimes it is best to seek professional advice but if you are an adventurer or an experienced boxed blonde, give these a try!


Gingeyginge said...

gr8 advice

NancyPower said...

@ Gingeygine- thanks, I find blonde is one of the hardest to get right! Especially without hurting your hair, and I know how expensive it can be to have done in a salon! I will give any help I can to the all those smart blonde ladies out there!