Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleek Cosmetics...What Do You Think????

To all my UK readers!! I'm getting some Sleek cosmetics sent to me to try! I am very exited because I have read some great things and love what all the UK youtube guru's have to say about this line!! I can't order from Canada so I am having a great friend of mine send me some so I can try it out.

Please let me know your experiences with this line of products! I want to know what you think about this line so I know what to expect when I get a chance to try it!

I love getting to try new things, especially when it is something I would normally not get a chance to. I'm hoping it lives up to all the rave reviews that I have seen.

Expect some new tutorials featuring this line when I get them!!!!


Nat McD said...

I use the gel pot eyeliners! they are ace!

Glitterish Allsorts said...

Hello! I like this range. The products are nice and they're affordable.

However I do find that the eyeshadow palettes are very fragile and the shadows often break or fall apart I think this may be because they're mineral based and are therefore more delicate? A lot of UK bloggers ordered these palettes online from ebay and quite a few of them arrived broken. Eeek!
I also find that in every palette there's about 2 colours I just never end up using.

Having said that, I think the shadows blend well and when I use a primer I find they last a full day with very little creasing.

chirsOn the whole I think this range is fun (i really like the glosses and gel eyeliners!) and I hope you'll like it :)

NancyPower said...

@ Glitterish Allsorts- Oh I hope mine don't arrive broken, that would make me so sad :( I am getting some gel liners as well, I couldn't pass up on the fun colours I saw online!

Thanks for your input, I am exited to give them a try!!