Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't forget to give my your opinion!!!!... And an update

Hello Everyone, just wanted to write a quick note to tell all of you to take the poll on my blog regarding my next series. I want to have your opinions and Halloween is an option so if that's what you all want to see I'll have to get my rear in gear!! LOL

As well just an update on my blog post earlier this week about Orly's nail polish. After 4 days of wear I only have tip wear on my nails which is wonderful for me! Usually I have to change my polish after 3 days and at that time I'm usually chipped to pieces! I took a pic but then my camera battery died so I will try to post a pic by twitter as soon as the battery is charged! I really am impressed by Orly's staying power!


Laura said...

Hiya Nancy!!! Great Blog. I am so not into make-up but your Blog has inspired me to try new products. I Like when you do comparisons! Have you ever tried that mascara that vibrates? I am curious to find out if it really works!

NancyPower said...

@ Laura- I have not yet tried it but I have tried Lancome's version and seeing as they are the same company they are really much the same. I really didn't like Lancome's I thought the vibration did not aid getting the brush through the lashes. All it did was tickle the eye and gave no amazing results. I may try the Maybelline version in the future just so say I did, but I will wait until it comes down in price. According to other beauty bloggers it just isn't worth the $15!