Monday, September 21, 2009

If You Are Getting Married Please Read.... And Even If You Are Not!

Have you been caring for your skin in preparation for your big day? When you are wanting to look flawless for your big day skin care is one of the biggest aspects. So often when working on clients I am finding that with all they have to do they forget their skin. Dehydrated or non-exfoliated skin will not properly receive makeup therefore not giving the flawless appearance every bride ( or anyone for that matter) wants. 

No matter how skilled your makeup artist is skin that has not been cared for is very difficult to give a flawless appearance too. Any dryness that isn't seen without makeup becomes magnified when makeup comes into play, even with the best primers etc. Take the time to properly hydrate and exfoliate your skin before your big day so that your skin is at peak condition for your makeup artist to work with. 

Remember to drink lots of water as well as dehydrated skin is also a big problem. Pre wedding stresses often lead to more caffeine etc, which takes moisture from the skin. Drinking lots of water will make your skin even better for your wedding day.

A final note is about eyebrow waxing before your wedding. Foundation does not adhere properly to freshly waxed skin. The reason is that the wax removes the top layers of skin as well as the hair leaving it a different texture then the rest of the skin on the face. This baby soft area around they eye will now not accept product while the rest of the face will. This leaves a blotchy look to the skin which then is difficult to compensate for with makeup. Have those brows waxed as far in advance as your re-growth will allow you. I always suggest a week or so and then have any hairs plucked on the big day.

Well those are my tips when it comes to skin. Creating the best canvas you can will only make you look more polished for your big day, leaving you feeling confident and gorgeous!!

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