Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleek Cosmetics Palette and Gel Liner Review

I received my Sleek cosmetics a few weeks back and I can't tell you how much fun I have had playing with the colours. I only wish that these products were available to those of us in Canada. I hope that when Sleek expands a little more they will offer international shipping so that I don't have to have friends mail me products! 

I received 3 palettes in this order. I am not going to give palette specific reviews but instead give my opinion on the general quality of the mineral shadows. I could not believe the quality and colour payoff of these little shadow's. I only had to use a little product to get an intense colour payoff that lasted all day. Most of the shadows are extremely shimmery but a couple of the palettes offer matte shades which I really liked for the crease. I personally feel that for myself shimmery shadow does not look as good in the crease as it once did... if you know what I mean!! LOL

The colour selection was something else that I was greatly impressed by. Rich metallics, intense brights and subtle shimmers. Neutrals are also done very well and placed perfectly in each palette. I really did find these colour selections very well done so each look could be done from one palette alone or mixed and matched for amazing looks! The only con is the fallout, which is something that many mineral shadow's have. Keeping your foundation for after shadow application is an easy way to fix that problem, cleaning up fallout and leaving a flawless look!

Next are the gel liners and all I can say is YEAH! Amazing colours that can be used as bases under shadow or the intended purpose as liners! LOL I received an orange, yellow, white and black. I use them almost everyday and love the creamy texture that is still sticky enough to last the day and stay put!

If you are in the UK or can just get your hands on some of these great products don't wait. I only wish we could get such amazing little palettes here for the price. Canadian these are only around $9, which is a deal that cannot be beat!!


Halifax said...

Sleek is working on a website for international shopping, prob available in the spring next year, so yeah, that's hope for everyone outside UK.

Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it :-)

NancyPower said...

@ Halifax - I knew one was in the works, I spoke to them a while ago, at the time though they didn't give me a time when it would actually be available! Once I saw al the review's on youtube I just couldn't wait, I had to give them a try!