Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cover Girl's Outlast Smoothwear All Day Lip Colour

I am always looking for a great red shade, and when I wear red I want it to stay where I put it. So I decided to try Cover Girl's Outlast Smoothwear  to see how it held up. ( I would give you the shade but as I will mention shades change a little too much in this line so it is already discontinued! )

First I want t say that I love the shade, the only downside is I find Cover Girl changes their shades a lot so it is hard to have a go to shade as when you go back it may be gone. This red was a great red for me, not too bright with a blue base that makes my pearly whites brighter! 

Application wise, this one is pretty easy. I do find that keeping your lips slightly parted while the lip colour sets gives the best results, if you don't there is some times a dark line where your lips touched once dry. The top coat is very nice as well giving some great shine. I do wish however that Cover Girl did what Maybelline does by offering top coats as refills as you do through much more top coat then you do lip colour itself.

As for colour stay this one is a good product. Over the course of the day I did find the colour faded at the inner portion of my lips from continued eating and drinking, but over all something that most people would not notice. There were no messes on glasses 

I did find that if you got too busy and didn't apply the top coat often enough the base started to get VERY dry and sometimes even peel. At this point you have no other choice to remove the colour and start again as trying to add colour over top only results in a mess that continues to peel and will no longer set as it should.

Over all I did like this product, as long as you do remember to keep on top of top coat applications. If you find it hard to remember then this one might not be for you, unless you only need your lips to looks perfected for a couple of hours.


Laura said...

How do you take the colour off at the end of the day?

NancyPower said...

@ Laura- it removes easily with makeup remover. For a makeup remover I use coconut oil and it does the job no problem. I have use some that were impossible to remove or even came with removers that were very strong, but the one is great staying in place but removing with ease!

The Bargainista said...

I cant wit to try this, sounds like a great product!