Thursday, November 12, 2009

Besame Cosmetics... I think I am in love!!!

I was so lucky when Besame Cosmetics  said they would send me a lippie to try! I can't even tell you how amazed I was when I opened the package to find one of the Voluptuous Lip Colour sets as well as 5 of the Classic Enchanting Lipsticks to try. I have been wanting to try these products ever since I saw them reviewed by Lisa Freemont Street on youtube! By the way if you are a vintage fan you MUST to subscribe to her!!

I have been trying a lot of products lately and only the best are making their way onto you so I am very exited to write this post as I am loving the line of products! Let me start with how I love this line on simply appearance alone. The lipsticks are some of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time, no longer to you want to go to the powder room to touch up. These products make you want to re apply your lipstick at the table simply so people can see the elegance of the products. I'll include pics as a description just won't cut it in this case!

Next I want to talk about the product in general. First I was surprised to find these lip colours had a pleasant scent, almost floral and very subtle. So often lipsticks can have unpleasant scents so I was nicely surprised when I first applied the lipstick to find this scent (scent does not stay once on the lips, just noticeable when applying). Texture is rich, but is not sticky or heavy. These lipsticks are very pigmented, and a little goes a long, long way!

As for my favorite colour... I'm not sure I can pick one. The shades I was sent are all so diverse that they all serve different purposes! I think as vintage inspired products go I will choose Cherry Red, as it is such a wonderful red shade, this is followed closely by Noir Red as it is so deep and rich, reminding me of a classic movie starlet! Please check out Besame's website for a complete listing of colours!

A little info about the differences in the two products I was sent. The Voluptuous Lip Colour set includes a bullet style lipstick, lip liner and the cutest lip brush that I have ever seen all in one kit. The Classic Enchanting Lipstick is a petite lipstick with a modified bullet shape that allows you to use the lipstick as a liner as well. This lipstick is a smaller size (smaller then your pinkie finger) but is so pigmented that a little really does go along way!

Besame has just launched Cashmere Powder, which is beyond beautiful and I simply can't wait to try! This product is a luxury item that will just make you feel elegant to carry! There are refills which help to make this product more affordable overall as well as better environmentally.

Shades I tried Noir Red, Cherry Red, Gold Lame, Wild Orchid, Exotic Pink. In the Voluptuous line I was sent Rapture Rose.

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