Monday, November 9, 2009

Argan Oil for Your Hair

Argan oil is the newest miracle ingredient in many beauty products currently. It is in everything from hair care to skin care to cosmetics, it seems every new product is starting to include this ingredient... but what is Argan oil??

Wikipedia states the following 'Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the endemic argan tree, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. The tree, a relict species from the Tertiary age, is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions of southwestern Morocco. The species Argania once covered North Africa and is now endangered and under protection of UNESCO. Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due the small and very specific growing area'.

For use in skin care well chemically speaking argan oil consists of a blend of fatty acids (over 70% oleic and linoleic acids.) It is also rich in vitamin E, phenols, and carotene. The only downside to using argan oil in cosmetics, is the fact that it contains a lot of oleic acid which is highly comedogenic. So while it may be good for oily skin and psoriasis, it could clog pores and cause inflammatory acne.

When it comes to use in hair the claim is that Moroccan (or Argan) oil has the unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine without leaving an oily residue. Moroccan oil products contains a special, ultra light, non-greasy formula that seals in shine producing silky perfection for all hair types.

Now that all that has been said I can move on to my thoughts on Argan oil for the hair. I recently purchased a sample or Argan oil from my local Sally's store, as I am always looking for something to aid in softening my dry coarse and curly hair. Most oils do soften but leave your hair heavy and greasy way before it's time. This CANNOT be said for Argan oil, I used this product and was left with very soft hair without the weight I normally feel from other oils. I found for me it was best used after my hair was dry as when it was wet I found it difficult to properly place the product where I needed it. As well I had to adjust the rest of my routine as I normally add a lot of products to get my hair as soft as I like and the first time I used Argan I ended up with an oil slick for hair because I added to much product all around. I have it a second chance and finally got it right with amazing results. Soft hair without weight or greasiness.

This product isn't cheap as the oil is very rare and us currently very sought after. But as I said a little foes a LONG way so taking that into account $12 CAD for 3.4 oz really isn't that bad!

If you are looking for a great product to keep your hair soft without the weight give this one a try!!

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