Monday, November 2, 2009

Where Are You E.L.F.??

I was so exited to venture out to my local Zeller's today to stock up on some E.L.F. products. E.L.F. was to launch in all Target store's through out the US and Zeller's stores in Canada as of November 1st. As of today non of the stores in my local area have yet to set anything up. Not only that non of the people I spoke to at the store's in my area had heard of E.L.F., or knew that they would be carrying the products in store!

From feedback from many E.L.F. customers today no one had seen display's set up in Target or Zeller's stores. With such anticipation you would have thought there would have been more of an effort to have product on shelf, but unfortunately this was not the case and there were plenty of disappointed E.L.F fans today!

Did you find E.L.F. today in your local Target or Zeller's??

As soon as I see it in store I will let you all know!

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