Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lerosett, a Natural Remedy For Problem Skin

A few weeks ago I received a tube of Lerosett in the mail to try. I was so curious to see how this natural acne remedy would stack up against the chemical based we are all so used to reaching for when we have a break out. Lerosett contains only two ingredients, Rasul Clay and distilled water, making it a natural acne remedy. Gunilla Of Sweden Lerosett's parent company makes many natural and organic skin care products for all aspects of skin care.

Unluckily for me, but luckily for the purpose of this review, when I received my Lerosett I was in the middle of one of the worst break outs I have had in years!! LOL So I was more then ready to try something to make it all go away! Now I must say that about 4 days before I received my Lerosett, in desperation I ran out and purchased a new acne remedy called Acnomel which contains sulphur and resorcinol which had been making a a dent in my break out very quickly!

Now the directions say that for a bad break out to put the clay mask on as a spot treatment 2-5 times a day until it clears up. I went for the 5 times as I really wanted this break out gone. As well I made sure to stop using any other acme medications so as not to influence the outcome, which was a huge risk for me and my poor face!

Within 2 days I noticed that my cystic acne was decreasing in size and coming to the surface. Lerosett also says to remove the acne once it comes to the surface and apply the mask on top so that was what I did. Within a week my skin was almost clear from a break out that had made me not want to leave the house! After I began using the product as a regular mask 2 times a week as the directions suggested for maintenance.

About a week later I did start to break out again where my original breakout had been REALLY severe. I again started applying Lerosett , this time I felt that the product did not take action as quickly. I really feel as though this 'well established' breakout area just needed a little more time and care. That being said the break out decreased much faster then it ever had, thanks to the Lerosett drying it out. I have never had a breakout go through it's cycle so quickly before, which made me very happy! Is my skin perfectly clear.... no, but it is night and day compared to weeks ago and scarring is much less when compared to break outs from the past.

Now on to the cons, of which I have two. The first is extremely drying to the skin, meaning that had to use a lot of moisturizer when ever I could to decrease dryness. The other is simply esthetic, this mask dries a little dark so people know you are wearing it. Applying 5 times a day means you have it on A LOT so you can't always be alone, so you can't hide this one for your significant other!! LOL

Lerosett does offer a complete line of products, if I had tried the complete line my results may have varied and my dryness may not have been as much. If you try Lerosett and love it I would suggest trying more products from the line to round out your treatment.

If you have consistent breakout that nothing seems to work on, and you want to try a natural approach, give Lerosett a try!! Lerosett offers a free trial so use the link to take a look!!


Jeniffer said...

I agree it seems every other country uses Lerosett like America uses Proactiv, only Lerosett is not a drug and I myself thought you have to use a drug, not true. Lerosett was a little drying maybe thats because it goes into the pore so deep, but thats how it gets all the acne out. I got a free moisturizer with the trial and it was really cool too. The moisturizer was made of hydroponically grown Aloe with no oil. I found Lerosett to be a little drying only when I used it as a full mask so instead I only used it on my pimples and then there was no problem. The end result was no more acne, I also found the web site to be refreshingly honest and educational about organic skin care and acne products.

Jeniffer Lee 25, Chicago

NancyPower said...

@ Jeniffer- I would like to try the moisturizer in the future. I understand why the product is drying, but for sensitive skin it is just something to be aware of. I too have been mostly using it as a spot treatment to avoid much of the dryness.

It is quite refreshing to find a product that works and does NOT have chemicals, as many people try to avoid adding chemicals to their bodies whenever possible!

I'm glad you have found something that works for you!!!