Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Storing Your Pigment Samples

So I am always forgetting to use my pigment and mineral shadow samples. All those baggies are just so hard to deal with that I store them away and forget about them. Well today I found a solution to my sample storage problem.

My friend and amazing YouTube guru Stacey Brennan posted an amazing video today about using those multi day/time pill containers as pigment storage. It's clean, neat and easy to see all your samples at a glance. All you need for this solution can be found at your local drug or dollar store so it's also a cost efficient solution! If you are worried about seeing your sample colours, I have recently seem these storage containers in clear plastic not just the usual frosted plastic usually found.

Please watch Stacey's amazing tutorial on this great storage solution, if you love her as much as I do don't forget to subscribe to her channel as well!

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