Thursday, December 17, 2009

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive Lashes

I was lucky enough to receive some amazing lashes from Revlon to try out a couple of months ago. It has taken me so long to get to this review because I was having some eye sensitivities that made it impossible to wear lashes. In order to do the selection justice as well as not overwhelm you with info, I have decided to divide the reviews into three categories; self adhesive, glue on and fashion.

This first review will be on the self adhesive line of lashes that Revlon now offers. I have to admit I was very skeptical about these lashes as my only line of reference were the old school halloween lashes that used to be available with no glue needed at lasted for all of 3 minutes when they took 20 to apply!! LOL Let me say that these lashes are NOTHING like those lashes of times gone by!!

I was sent styles to try were Intensifying and Defining. Both of these lashes are very much on the natural end of the spectrum which makes it great for those who want a very natural yet magnified look to their lashes. I found these lashes pretty simple to apply, my only issue was they stick immediately, so there is no real adjustment time like when using traditional glue methods.

I put on these lashes first thing in the morning and wore them until I washed my face in the evening. These lashes stayed put all day without a sign of movement which is something that I really wasn't expecting! These lashes are also reusable as each set comes with an additional set of glue strips for you to attach the lashes to once you have removed them.

The glue for the lashes is black, which means they need a liner in order to blend away the line of the lashes. This is much the same as many lashes on the market with a dark band. I hope that eventually Revlon will come out with a version with a clear glue band to further expand the use of these lashes.

I think that these are a great option for those of you who stay away from false lashes because of a fear of dealing with glue and application. Or those of you who simply want to use lashes but want a simple method of doing so.

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